The SonicWall Network Security Administrator (SNSA) certification is designed to validate an individual’s knowledge and skills in configuring, managing, and troubleshooting SonicWall network security appliances.

Course Outline:

1. SonicWall Security Platform Overview:
– Understanding SonicWall firewall platforms
– Exploring SonicOS, the operating system for SonicWall appliances

2. Network Security Fundamentals:
– TCP/IP fundamentals
– OSI model
– IP addressing and subnetting
– Network protocols (e.g., DNS, DHCP, SNMP)

3. Firewall Configuration and Management:
– Basic firewall setup and configuration
– Implementing NAT (Network Address Translation)
– Access Rules and security policies
– VPN configuration and management

4. Unified Threat Management:
– Introduction to UTM features
– Configuring and managing Security Services (e.g., Gateway Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering)
– Enabling and troubleshooting Threat Prevention features

5. High Availability and Failover:
– Understanding High Availability concepts
– Configuring and managing failover and redundancy

6. Network Monitoring and Analysis:
– Log and reporting configurations
– Network traffic analysis
– Troubleshooting tools and methodologies

7. Wireless Networking:
– Understanding wireless networking concepts
– Configuring and managing SonicWall wireless solutions

8. Remote Access and SSL VPN:
– Configuring and managing SSL VPN client and server settings
– Authenticating users and configuring access policies