Backup Exec is a powerful data management tool for Windows® servers networks. It uses a client/server model to quickly and reliably backup and restore data for servers, applications, and workstations across the network. Backup Exec has different configurations for networks of any size. Also, Backup Exec’s agents and features let you expand your Backup Exec environment and support more platforms and features.

Course Content:

Explain how Backup Exec works and what it can do.
Learn how to install and use Backup Exec.
Set up and manage the storage devices for Backup Exec.
Handle the devices and media that Backup Exec uses.
Create and run basic backup jobs.
Choose the backup settings and methods.
Recover the data that was backed up.
Perform Online Disaster Recovery.
Manage the Database Encryption Key.
Backup a physical machine and convert it to virtual at the same time or on a schedule.
Protect remote servers with the right Remote Agent.
Install, configure, and use the Agent for Windows.
Install, configure, backup and restore data with these Backup Exec Agents:
Agent for VMware and Hyper-V
Agent for Active Directory
Know the supported virtual conversion configurations.
Install the Deduplication option.
Set up Backup Exec Deduplication Storage.
Backup and restore deduplicated data..